MPO / MTP trunk cable, patch cord


MPO vs MTP difference

MPO and MTP Trunk cable assembly, patch-cord. MPO/MTP Polarity: A, B, C and Fan-out cable.

The MPO multi-fiber trunk cable assembly is designed for reliable and fast operation in data centers. The clear advantages of these cables are less space requirements and improved scalability, which provides significant savings in space and resources. MTP / MPO cables are commonly used for 40GbE and 100GbE network environments.

  • MPO / MTP polarity A: Straight cable – Key up / key down.
  • MPO / MTP polarity B: Cross cable – key up / key up. (For connecting 40G QSFP, 100G QSFP28, CFP transceivers).
  • MPO / MTP polarity C: Trunk cable (Cross pair) – key up / key down.
  • MPO / MTP Fan-out cable with connectors LC, SC, …


MTP vs MPO Difference