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SFP 1G 500m 850nm DOM LC

SFP 1G Duplex SX 500 m 850 nm DOM LC Transceiver module

SFP+ 10G 20km 1310nm DOM LC (SFP-10G-LR)

SFP+ 10G Duplex 20 km 1310 nm DOM LC Transceiver module

Converter X2 to SFP+ SFPPlus (CVR-X2-SFP10G)

Converter 10G interfaces, adapter 10GB: X2 to SFP+ SFPPlus. CVR-X2-SFP10G

2m (7ft) 10G DAC cable SFP+

10G Direct Attach Cable (DAC, Twinax) Passive SFP+ ⇒ SFP+ 2 m (7 ft)

100G Active Optical Cable – AOC cable QSFP28

100G Active Optical Cable (AOC) QSFP28 ⇒ QSFP28 1 m ~ 30 m

QSFP28 100G 80km LAN-WDM LC (QSFP28-100G-ZR LWDM)

$7,720.00 $6,095.00
QSFP28 100G ZR4 80 km Transceiver module. (QSFP28-100G-ZR LWDM)

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