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SFP 1G DWDM 160km C-Band C17~C61 DOM LC

SFP 1G DWDM 80 km C-Band C17~C61 DOM LC Transceiver module

XFP 10G BiDi (WDM) 80km 1490/1550 DOM (1 pair)

80 km XFP 10G BiDi (WDM) DOM Transceiver module. (BX80-D, BX80-U, 1490/1550) - 1 pair

GPON OLT SFP C+++ (ATTENTION! High power modules)

GPON OLT SFP C+++ 20 km 1490/1310 nm SC Transceiver module ATTENTION! Very high power modules. Please do not buy without consulting our manager or your engineer.

100G DAC cable QSFP28

100G Direct Attach Cable (DAC, Twinax) QSFP+ ⇒ QSFP28 1 m ~ 5 m

Fiber Optic Patch-cable Single mode SMF SC-SC

Fiber Optic Patch-cord Patch-cable Singlemode SMF SC-SC. Simplex/Duplex. Diameter: 2mm, 3mm. Polish Type: UPC/UPC, UPC/APC, APC/APC.

One click Endface Cleaner SC, FC, ST (UPC,APC) 2.5mm (800 cleans)

One click Endface Cleaner SC, FC, ST (UPC,APC) 2.5mm EASYCLEANER-2. Over 800 cycles cleaning.

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